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Globophobia is the fear of balloons. In some cases, the fear is of balloons in general, while in others the object of fear is the sound produced when balloons pop (phonophobia).

We often accept someone’s fear of heights or fear of spiders as ‘something normal’. However, when it comes to the fear of balloons phobia, people usually laugh about it. As far as the “silliest or most irrational” fears go; Globophobia is high up in the list.

Balloons are very commonly found at parties, any child who suffers from Globophobia can ruin any fun he or she may have. In extreme cases can cause stress when invited to a party.
We at Steve's Balloons make no medical claims, but will try and help by showing the child wonderful things balloons can do. We try to help with the first steps.
Just to say thank you so much for "Big Ears" and "Nemo", and the support you have shown Ella. It's only a beginning, but a few first steps were taken today ....