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Who is Steve?
It has been said he is a crazy man in a green suit with a monkey, but that's not true, he doesn't always wear the green suit.
Steve, many years after attending one of his God daughter's birthday parties, thought 'I could do that' and went home and ordered a balloon modelling kit.
It turned out he had quite a knack for it and started making balloons at family/freinds' parties. Then was being asked to work outside that circle, so began to take it more seriously.
He started attending lectures and jams, and the level of work he saw, spurred him on to bigger and better, and soon he became more than the a man making dogs and swords and transformed into entertainer, who enchanted with turning a balloon in a piece of magic.
Magic soon came into his life along with bubbles and Steve started putting together a magic show for a family audience, with illusion for all ages.
After walking out of his engineering career, Steve introduced Monks to the magic show. It soon became clear that Monks was the star.
Today Steve is a world record holding, award winning balloon artist. Known as the one of the hardest working, nicest Balloon Man in the business. The magic show is gathering pace and getting great reviews, and who doesn't like a giant bubble.
Steve has always had a empathy with children, and brings out the inner child in others
Amongst his earliest memories is a trip to the Theatre Royal Norwich to see the great Kovari, and the Paul Daniels show, especially the variety acts he had, like Tom Noddy.
Steve has been a fan of magic, variety and circus, but never did he believe he would doing it professionally.
Maybe he is just a crazy man in a green suit with a monkey, or maybe one day he'll buy a new suit in a different colour.